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Mighty Leaf Earl Grey Decaf

Mighty Leaf Earl Grey Decaf packaging

Our review

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

Natural bergamont gives this tea a lovely aroma, but the strength isn't there. For some tea drinkers, Mighty Leaf's commitments to social responsibility, sustainability (organic, non-GMO ingredients), and fair trade (for certain teas) could make up for the light steep.

From Mighty Leaf

What does Mighty Leaf have to say about their tea?

Earl Grey Decaf is made of high-grown Ceylon and China black teas that when combined with the smoky orange notes of Bergamot fruit, generates an elegant, balanced and full-flavoured classic cup. Earl Grey himself would be proud.

Crafted from Ceylon black tea combined with the bright citrus notes of bergamot, Earl Grey Decaf is an classic cup without the caffeine.

In the mug

The teabag, or "artisanal hand-stitched" tea pouch, rather, contains whole leaves, unlike most other teas we've tried, and the tea has a lovely hit of bergamont. The bergamont flavour in the cup is pleasant and not overpowering, although the tea itself doesn't make for a strong steep. One tea pouch didn't seem like enough for a modest-sized mug.

We checked with Mighty Leaf and can confirm that they use Carbon Dioxide to decaffeinate their tea. (Thanks to Alan for a speedy response!)

On the shelf

Mighty Leaf isn't shy about marketing their teas as premium, and they command a premium price at nearly CA$1 per pouch for the 15-pouch bag. Fans of the tea can get a better deal with a 100-pouch box, and both options contain individually-wrapped pouches.

Hot takes

Steep strength: ★★☆☆☆

Flavour: ★★★★☆

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