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Welcome to Decaf Digest!

Here you'll find information on decaffeinated teas and the different methods used to decaffeinate them.

About Decaf Digest

Hi, I'm John, and Decaf Digest is a passion project of mine.

I could drink tea all day. There's something comforting about a having a hot beverage in hand, and the ritual of making a tea is a welcome break from sitting down. But as someone who is sensitive to caffeine—even a little makes me sweat and impacts my sleep—drinking as much caffeinated tea as I would like to would transform me into a sleepless slug.

I've taken to trying a number of brands to see which decaf tea is the best for me, and I thought I'd share my findings with the world.


My revewing methodology currently isn't very scientific, but I do follow a few rules.

💲 Reviews are not paid or sponsored

I try to maintain integri-tea. If you'd like to send me a tea to review, please get in touch, but please note that doing so won't affect the review.

Affiliate links are used in the site, which helps support us by earning a commission if someone purchases a tea after reading about it here. These affiliate links are labelled for transparency.

🫖 Reviews are written over a number of cups

I get to know a tea that I review, so I try it a number of times before publishing, and any aspects of the review relating to the tea's flavour are written as I'm drinking a cup of that tea.

📄 Teas are made with freshly boiled water according to the directions on the box

Black teas are taken with milk—no sugar, and teas are generally steeped for the longest recommended time.

📋 Reviews consider a number of factors about the tea

There's more to a cup of tea than just the leaves and the brew they produce. Factors I consider to determine whether I recommend a tea include:

If there are other aspects of a tea you'd like to see included in reviews, please get in touch!

Recently Reviewed Teas

Twinings English Breakfast Decaf


A welcome change from orange pekoe, Twinings English Breakfast Decaf tea is easy to find but falls short of a great cup of tea.

Twinings English Breakfast Decaf

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Mighty Leaf Earl Grey Decaf


For some tea drinkers, Mighty Leaf's commitments to social responsibility, sustainability, and fair trade could make up for the light steep.

Mighty Leaf Earl Grey Decaf

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