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Thompson's Decaf Tea

Thompson's Decaf Tea packaging
Thompson's Decaf Tea packaging

Our review

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Thompson's makes a great cup of tea that happens to be decaf.

From Thompson's

What does Thompson's have to say about their tea?

The tea leaf, camellia sinensis, is a delicate leaf which means that producing a decaffeinated tea presents a true challenge.

However, we are delighted to present our Thompson’s Decaf blend, which we believe is an exceptional decaffeinated tea which has succeeded in retaining the taste and flavour that is too often lost in the decaffeination process.

Imagine our delight to be the only decaffeinated tea to be awarded ‘Two Gold Stars’ by the Guild of Fine Foods at this year’s annual Great Taste Awards!

This quality has been achieved by relying heavily on much sought after, Second Flush Assam teas. The ‘Second Flush’ are the tea leaves picked during the peak months of May to October, which offers the best growth of the year, producing the highest quality leaves and is limited to small production quantities which command higher prices.

We think you’ll appreciate the difference.

In the mug

Looking at a Thompson's teabag, you could be forgiven for thinking it was Barry's or Yorkshire. The tea steeps well, can handle milk, and smells just like tea and nothing more.

How is Thompson's Decaf Tea decaffeinated?

According to, Thompson's Decaf Tea is decaffeinated with Ethyl Acetate. If that the case, it's the tastiest tea I've tried using that decaffeination method.

On the shelf

Thompson's Decaf Tea comes in stacks of twinned tea bags a resealable foil package.

In North America, Thompson's is more difficult to find than some of the other teas we have reviewed. If you aren't able to find it online for a good price, check your local UK + Northern Ireland specialty shop to see if they have it in stock.

Hot takes

Steep strength: ★★★★★

Flavour: ★★★★☆

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